copy writes David A. Morrow SR.


I was looking out of our window toward a grey a partially lit sky.  It was warm but with a cool touch against my face and hands.  I saw very clearly a man, sitting on a tree stump, a pipe, black in color and he was tapping his foot

with no music.  I thought a little odd but not so strange.  A red bird came very quickly, it perched on top of a large rock just in front of him, the bird chirped and the man did also, and this went on for a good 30 to 50 seconds.  He had on blue overalls, busted grey or white tennis shoes, a dusty dirty brown  hat, a long braided beard and his skin was a mixture of brown and or light yellowed but, with a European nose and a dent in his chin.  As I continue to look, I edge  out further from my view and tried to get nearer, I did not want to alarm the man, after all, this looked all so peaceful.  Now standing around the corner of our house, I saw several red birds gather near him, no other type of birds came close to this person.  What was interesting, suddenly became very interesting.  From up under his seat, he pulled out

a bag,  a green tall trash type bag but very clean.  He reached inside of it and

he begin to sprinkle some food I guess, crackers maybe, I just don’t know to this day.  The more he threw them, the more red birds came, and as I watched this phenomenon unfold, I just had to approach this site a lot closer without disturbing it.  Now the sun begin to get so bright, I mean the light of the orange and red sun had become to intense for me to see, It covered the entire alley way , my home, and the man with the red birds.

As quickly as the light came, it went.  and before my very eyes, the man was gone , THE RED BIRDS WERE TOO, and there, where he was sitting, exactly the same spot, stood the most beautiful red horse with her hair to match.  It rose up high, kicked its hoofs in the air and ran swiftly over the green pastures and disappeared.  When I tell this story to people, I guess they wanted some kind of miracle, but the miracle for me, was what I saw and did not see.  Where did the man go feeding the red birds, and how come such a great horse appeared and just as suddenly, did disappear. Not a dream?  Perhaps working late shifts may have caused my eyes to lay. Then again , could be  a rare beautiful phenomena.

copy writes : Author and Artist – David A. Morrow SR.  2009


KIDS, Give Em A Break

18" X 24" Pastel and colored pencil - Original

I am thinking about a struggle, you know, the kind we have when we are growing up as kids.  I have seen some things, and I know so much more now how tough that can be on a population of millions.  Now as a parent who has had the blessed fortune of raising my own son and other children non-biological.

I realize that they have so many traps prepared for them to avoid.  It is our duty to keep them safe.  We try to tell them to stay away from strangers, but guess what, here today we have the internet service.  We try to explain, ” You can not always trust what you hear others say”  But there again gossiping peers have an enormous influence on their social skills.  Often, every now and then we watch the scary movies with them, hey a little fear can’t hurt.  Can it??   Freddy, Jason, wolfman, and Dracula  Well you get the picture.  I believe a change of interaction between parent and child must begin with values, morals, discipline, logic and truthfulness.  Perhaps a little home-grown religion may help but not overboard to the point the kid can’t have a child’s life.  After all, growing up should be a happy memory, it should have pretty birthdays, loving parents, the very greatest of all grandparents and friends, protectors , balloons, candy and the joy of the world.  Get Real!

Some of us have had horror, pain, poverty, and cruel unusual punishment.  I know this for a fact, that it is easier to love a child now than to imprison an unloved adult later.  We know we can not always get it right, but we could try a little harder to correct the problems now before the explosion in their lives later.  Teach them how to pray, teach them about managing money, how to be kind to others but also to not let people use them or abuse them.  We kind of have to help them learn social behavior with respect and honesty.

We can not ever give up on them if they can’t run fast, if their soccer game isn’t all that, if their home work is not bringing the A”s or B”s.  We have to be tolerant of their successes as well as their failures, we have to prove to them about the dangers of drugs, criminal intentions, dishonesty, lurid behavior, sex and on my God, ALCOHOL.  Somewhere on this planet, the entire family has got to show a better direction for our kids. 

Thanks For Caring


Some Insight On Each Other

Acrylic 18 X 24 inches


     It is my hope that what I tell you will help in some way , perhaps give you an idea of right and wrong.  Define insight:  imminent, just around the corner, impending, coming, well you get the definition.  All of us, sitting, waiting and trying to avoid failure, wanting more than we need, and seeking that which is unnecessary..  I just want to say, Love God, Believe in him, and except Jesus Christ as your personal saviour.  Everything else is a road to ignorance and antisocial behavior.   Alright, it is not that easy, give up smoking, drinking, fusing, lieing, cheating, hurting others close to you and beyond, start helping others, giving with no reward for doing so, loving your neighbors, and living a good solid life with out drugs, alcohol,  sex outside of marriage ( big ones , huh?).   Ok, you have a better plan for mankind, woman kind?  Wars, riots, bigots, drinking, gambling, hatred, and murderrrrrrrr.  Oh my God, who on this earth is appreciative of all of that?  Not me, listen friend, even if you disagree of Christianity, or any other faith, remember we have the power to change our behavior, to help each other and explore a different way of living before the odds fall against humanity.  You know, I can not help but state, The wars in the east, How uncivilized is all of that, kill, destroy women, children, our fellow brothers and sister of this life to prove what?  We are nuts to be there, they are nuts to continue a course that has serious destruction to everything they belive in.  Well, I’m not into politics, oil, power, energy and cash flow, You Know!  I just want peace and the price for that has always been with blood and war..  It seems, mankind can not sat down and say, what can I do to help you and yours.  What great men all over the world, wakes up in the morning and realizes, that ,  just possibly, we can strive for an end to suffering, poverty, bloodshed, sickness, ignorance, hatred,  and on.  I know this thing about religion is powerful, who is to say, how one should worship, but if it means killing another human being.  I say, it is not what our creator planed for man kind, we can cripple each other now and erase everything right later, or we can build together a world like heaven.


copywrites 2009  –

Life and the Mentally Challenge


Prayer Is About Faith

When you first awake from a foggy slumber and your mind isn’t just there yet. You begin to take oxygen into your lungs, your mind ripples from this deep abyss.
That ummp feeling which  swept you completly away from reality.

 Perhaps a dream, even a nightmare, there is a clue, no knowledge of defense against what is occurring.  How about, mom isn’t there, dad is away, sister, brother, are all gone gone.  You are alone inside your shoes which are not on your feet. Iinside your mind,  your chest of horror that is no longer a seed in your belly has this ideal that has always kept you proud but afraid too.    But this time, nothing is quite the routine of yesterday.  Of winds of better times of joy, and laughing tears.

 Perhaps  standing on an edge of a cliff,   A giant of a cliff , so far above bolders, and the great  green dark ocean beneath , there beneath you.

Suddenly now your neck is just beneath the clouds, and that it belittles you as if a mammoth”s hoofs were upon your brow. The brow of a moth. 

  Suddenly, Very, suddenly, you are choking, ghasping for air, for help, yelling as loudly as your very tiny larnyx will alow, but just enough wind to blow you over and what a scream!! You are falling deeper than you want to go,  Arms pulling from your ribs, your legs are like rubber bands that bend at ease, you are about to go straight to hell.  Wait  how about a flight upon some great wing, way up into the sky, the blue passion of the universe but you realize again, you are breathing an air of fear, the anxiety is way too much, you want off the wing of flight, you are at a panic, you are very much in fear of the dreaded word, death, you are not impressed about going up, up, and away to the wild blue business, You realize very quickly, you must jump off or the price is a wet splatter that  you can not rise from.   Now imagine living this way,  90 + % , of this time in your life .  NOW>>>>> Welcome to the  Mentally Challenge .


copywrites 2009

The Truth About Women


I see your  hair and your  eyes first, I un

derstand the remarkable miracles of your daily grind, the home work, (literally), the kids yelling, screaming, throwing,spitting and fighting all of the time.  Growing up to someday make you very proud or very much concerned.  I believe you when you say ‘I love You’ , I don’t believe  you when you say ‘I’ll be home soon’, But I love you, I truly do, with your pain, and your tears, with all of your hopes and kisses, so giving  like great colors of light upon the earths brow.  When will you come to bed and place your head on my flesh, How will the tomorrow be, can you laugh today or can you not sing with that challeged  voice.

Please share a moment.  Imagine on a swing

some place not so far from a pink colored

purple sky.  Where the breeze is amplified

with wet snow but not cold, think for a minute,

a relaxing thought with great passion, a breath

that is rapid, a look with dark beautifull eyes that

whispers toward  a new peace, a new joy. Now think about how

quickly this will not be, and forever how much you

will taste  the togetherness inside our souls and our minds, our hearts. Imagine the

trembling, the shaking, the ghasping that know one knows

but you and I, and God.  So woman let it run, you have the idea now, let this not be time wasted, but remain for eternity unchanged.  Now MS. Lady, Imagine I am your friend. 

Softly my angel of  God’s universe,  a great jewel from all that is

pure and sweet. This you truly are,   Women to me  are that vehicle that drives life and spirit.   The very stars of our songs, the wholy water in our drink and the earths rivers, the oceans, the seas and the very heavens above our heads.  I know these things, because I have a Grandmother, Mother, a Sister

a Daughter, a Niece, a Aunt, a female companion and someday

maybe a  wife.  This I believe is the Truth about Women.

copywrite DAnthonyM  2009


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