copy writes David A. Morrow SR.


I was looking out of our window toward a grey a partially lit sky.  It was warm but with a cool touch against my face and hands.  I saw very clearly a man, sitting on a tree stump, a pipe, black in color and he was tapping his foot

with no music.  I thought a little odd but not so strange.  A red bird came very quickly, it perched on top of a large rock just in front of him, the bird chirped and the man did also, and this went on for a good 30 to 50 seconds.  He had on blue overalls, busted grey or white tennis shoes, a dusty dirty brown  hat, a long braided beard and his skin was a mixture of brown and or light yellowed but, with a European nose and a dent in his chin.  As I continue to look, I edge  out further from my view and tried to get nearer, I did not want to alarm the man, after all, this looked all so peaceful.  Now standing around the corner of our house, I saw several red birds gather near him, no other type of birds came close to this person.  What was interesting, suddenly became very interesting.  From up under his seat, he pulled out

a bag,  a green tall trash type bag but very clean.  He reached inside of it and

he begin to sprinkle some food I guess, crackers maybe, I just don’t know to this day.  The more he threw them, the more red birds came, and as I watched this phenomenon unfold, I just had to approach this site a lot closer without disturbing it.  Now the sun begin to get so bright, I mean the light of the orange and red sun had become to intense for me to see, It covered the entire alley way , my home, and the man with the red birds.

As quickly as the light came, it went.  and before my very eyes, the man was gone , THE RED BIRDS WERE TOO, and there, where he was sitting, exactly the same spot, stood the most beautiful red horse with her hair to match.  It rose up high, kicked its hoofs in the air and ran swiftly over the green pastures and disappeared.  When I tell this story to people, I guess they wanted some kind of miracle, but the miracle for me, was what I saw and did not see.  Where did the man go feeding the red birds, and how come such a great horse appeared and just as suddenly, did disappear. Not a dream?  Perhaps working late shifts may have caused my eyes to lay. Then again , could be  a rare beautiful phenomena.

copy writes : Author and Artist – David A. Morrow SR.  2009


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