The Truth About Women


I see your  hair and your  eyes first, I un

derstand the remarkable miracles of your daily grind, the home work, (literally), the kids yelling, screaming, throwing,spitting and fighting all of the time.  Growing up to someday make you very proud or very much concerned.  I believe you when you say ‘I love You’ , I don’t believe  you when you say ‘I’ll be home soon’, But I love you, I truly do, with your pain, and your tears, with all of your hopes and kisses, so giving  like great colors of light upon the earths brow.  When will you come to bed and place your head on my flesh, How will the tomorrow be, can you laugh today or can you not sing with that challeged  voice.

Please share a moment.  Imagine on a swing

some place not so far from a pink colored

purple sky.  Where the breeze is amplified

with wet snow but not cold, think for a minute,

a relaxing thought with great passion, a breath

that is rapid, a look with dark beautifull eyes that

whispers toward  a new peace, a new joy. Now think about how

quickly this will not be, and forever how much you

will taste  the togetherness inside our souls and our minds, our hearts. Imagine the

trembling, the shaking, the ghasping that know one knows

but you and I, and God.  So woman let it run, you have the idea now, let this not be time wasted, but remain for eternity unchanged.  Now MS. Lady, Imagine I am your friend. 

Softly my angel of  God’s universe,  a great jewel from all that is

pure and sweet. This you truly are,   Women to me  are that vehicle that drives life and spirit.   The very stars of our songs, the wholy water in our drink and the earths rivers, the oceans, the seas and the very heavens above our heads.  I know these things, because I have a Grandmother, Mother, a Sister

a Daughter, a Niece, a Aunt, a female companion and someday

maybe a  wife.  This I believe is the Truth about Women.

copywrite DAnthonyM  2009


(google danthonym)

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