18″ X 24″ Pastel and colored pencil – Original

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  1. A child sitting near the steps, not even two years of age, the wooden flat is two stories high, below, glass, cans, bottles, muddy water and trash. A very large srubby looking alley dog lays in wait, some barking, but mostly looking for food straps. The child playing with a toy truck, the toy rolls near the opening of the second floor rails, the phone rings, the elder sister hurries to get to it, the parents out working, the day is beautifull, the toy continues to advance under the rails and starts to falls. The child goes after the toy and follows. The reaching of small fingers unknowing of his tumbling, the playfullness continues, the multiple turning of the baby boy, as he stumbles quickly and aimlessly down toward the toy, and all else may prevail near the bottom. The sreaming of a young sister, the neighbors are alerted, the birds shifting out of the sunlifting trees and suddenly. The cries of grave fear, the sound of horror towards the innocent finding perhaps eternal departure. The child still reaching for the blue and white truck, Slamming, crackling sounds with a drum like thud. Upon the large plastic container, his tiny curly head collides. The impact causes him to jerk here, there, but now closer to danger, laying among the broken glass, his eyes and limbs are moving, the dog continues to strengthen his bark, the adults run swiftly with eyes of grief and wonder, A great hush is abound, a noise, the childs laughter is heard, he has grasph the toy and the unknowing danger that now was, has ceased. The breath of God Has whispered gently on this day. That child
    was me.

    By Penticular 2009


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